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Optimal Food Nordic

We accelerate customer value in our corporate culture.

Create the future - Grow with Optimal Food Nordic!

Our corporate philosophy on Food

We derived our corporate philosophy from the believe that says “let your food be your medicine if possible”, hence we believe food is an imperative value for health and wellbeing. We also believe our wealth is measured by our health and wellbeing. With that approach and perspective, we are inspired to design high level of business model that leverage customer value.

We are constantly thriving to create customer value and build an experiential, game changer and visionary corporate culture designed for potential transformation that embrace human value for health and wellbeing. Our corporate culture defies to design tomorrow’s great enterprise that empower people to engage in the process of value creation with high awareness for food, consumption and human needs. Our corporate philosophy should design from the intrinsic value creation process.

Value-chain management

Our business model defines strategic framework that connect, align and coordinate the entire organizational activities and resources where all operational and functional activities are integrated to make sure that we are adding value to the food-chain. We developed generic business model that produce corporate structural culture to leverage resources, integrate activities and align our positions with customer needs. Our corporate culture therefore means to act proactively and progressively; hence we will be able to link organizational levels to customer needs and step in the execution plan to explore great opportunities.