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Optimal Food Nordic

We accelerate customer value in our corporate culture.

Create the future - Grow with Optimal Food Nordic!

Management Team

We are highly driven entrepreneurs with practical experience from Sweden food processing and manufacturing standards. Our previous success is the background to value high-quality edible oil products to our customers. Our grand vision is to build our legacy, where success will be an inevitable virtue to build a leading edible oil brand the African food industry. We believe food is an imperative value for health and wellbeing, where we are working to deliver high-quality products that generate sustainable profit not only on invested capital but also to potential customers. We engage with great passion by meeting legal requirements, complying with ethical standards that value and understands customer needs.

To become the leading edible oil brand, we set out short terms and long-term strategic framework that compromise three main components; (1) develop customer relationship and partnership with farmers, suppliers and local communities, (2) perform continuous market researches and studies to better understand dynamic demand and changes with the market we operate, (3) establish leadership in our core products. We have the competence, skills and experiences to manage product quality and committed to creating a win-win situation to all stakeholders. We execute business strategies by tying resources and activities efficiently and evolving proactively.

We work diligently to associate our brand with healthy and secured food consumption; hence we focus on building a sustainable long-term relationship with customers’ lifestyle for nutrition and food products.

Our ethics and values

Understand customers’ needs and deliver quality products with great value. Being open and honest to communicate the quality and value of our products.

Product quality, safety and traceability

Product safety and quality are important issues in the production process, which gives us a unique position to ensure control and traceability of our products.

Business Principle

We stand for customers who seek quality & healthy edible oil.

Our mission

We thrive to become a leading edible oil brand in Africa. We work effectively and proactively for a continuous business growth together with our customers.

Our vision

We thrive to build an experiential connection between quality edible oil, consumption and quality of life to promote health & wellbeing in society. We believe our success measures by society’s health & wellbeing.

Entire value-chain responsibility

  • Research and innovation in order to add more nutrition value
  • Product safety, quality and traceability
  • Affordable products and information availability
  • Deliver product with high nutrition benefits